The Shadow Wars Series

For centuries they have crossed into our world. Dark, shadowy figures praying upon the innocent; manipulating and awakening the evil in others. The source of our deepest fears. Of demons, vampires, ghouls, and hell itself. Their hunger unquenchable, a hunger for the human soul.

Facing this dark menace are warriors who in secret have repeatedly forced them back to their dark realm. But the strength of the Shadow is growing and the forces of light are looking for a champion to lead them. To once-and-for-all stop the invasion of the Shadow.

The Shadow Wars Sword

The Blocker: The Shadow Wars Series Book One

It’s 1966 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and teenager Arthur Earsterdrak is looking forward to the start of his senior year, until everything changes one fateful night when his sister is possessed by something dark, something evil.

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First Dragon: The Shadow Wars Series Book Two

Bloodied bodies littered the floor of the warehouse and the sands of the beach along the quiet shore of Lake Erie. The Shadows’ invasion stopped and their human followers defeated. Their portal to Earth closed. But for how long? And what about the other worlds? Even now Duat was under attack. Duat, the home of Ra.

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Oathsworn: The Shadow Wars Series Book Three

The quiet war grows louder as a new evil emerges from the shadows. Stronger, darker, more deadly than anything the warriors of the Alliance have faced in their centuries old conflict with the Shadows. Will it take an unholy alliance to deal with this new threat?

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A Fantasy Adventure About


Arthur looked around him. At the legends, myths and heroes assembled before him ready to face their foe. Gripping his sword, he took a deep breath and smiled as he realized that he was now one of them.


She looked at Arthur and saw him for what he was and what he would become. She saw a young man she could trust, a man she could follow, a man she could love.


War is a terrible thing. A beast that brings death and destruction, loss and heartache. But there are things worse than death. For in death one simply losses one’s life.