The Branwen Saga

My name is Branwen. It means beautiful raven in the language of my people. My mother gave me the name a long time ago. It is not the name I am known by today, but it is still mine. I keep it locked away in my heart.

It is the name that introduced me to a young magician, a sword of legend, a knight I learned to love, and a young man destined to become a king.

The Branwen Saga Sword

Branwen: The Branwen Saga

Forced to flee from her village as a child; Branwen seeks shelter in a forest long thought haunted. Found and cared for by the woods mysterious guardian and her magnificent she-wolf, Branwen is raised in safety until the day she comes upon a young boy and his tutor. An encounter that will awaken a destiny that will ignite legends to be; hers and one other.

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A Fantasy Adventure About


Merlin took her by the shoulders. “You must always remember that a practitioner uses magic. But beware, black magic uses the practitioner.”


Taking a knee he looked up at her. “I am in love with two women who are one. To Branwen I offer my heart. To Nimue I offer my sword, to both I offer my soul for I am nothing without you."


She climbed upon the stone knowing her task was impossible. Gripping the sword she placed the point on the unyielding surface and pushed.