The Riddle Of The Storm: Glenlock

Haunted by the death of a comrade in Afghanistan, Special Forces Operative Hal Bennet seeks solace in a mountain top cabin in northern Maine. All goes well until the night he answers a knock on the door and is confronted by a medieval knight.

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Seeking solace in a remote mountain cabin in northern Maine, haunted by the loss of his comrades during his last tour in Afghanistan, Special Forces Operative Hal Bennet never expected to come face-to-face with a medieval knight and his saber-tooth tiger.

No sooner has Crown Prince Henry Lackland from the land of Glenlock introduced himself to a confused Hal, the knight is whisked away once again during a strange and terrible storm. The sudden and unearthly disappearance leaves the Special Forces operative questioning his own sanity; but Henry left proof of their encounter—his chainmail, and his sword.

Haunted for a year by this chance meeting, Hal is drawn to return to the same mountain cabin to try and answer the questions that constantly circle in his mind. Why did this happen? And where did Henry come from? Uncertain of what lies ahead, the Special Forces operative ventures forth into the same terrible storm and similarly vanishes.

Waking in the lands of Glenlock, Hal is thrust into a world of kingdoms populated by civilizations from Earth’s early history, and pulled into a plot to overthrow Henry’s father, the King of Cent. But malevolent forces are lurking as bands of strange-looking deformed daemons are bent on destruction and abduction. Can Hal overcome his past demons to rise to the fight ahead, or is ultimately Glenlock destined to fall into darkness?

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Paperback, e-Book


445 pages

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March 2, 2022





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